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Stainless steel necklace with handcuffs

Stainless steel necklace with handcuffs

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This beautiful stainless steel necklace is a true feast for the eye.
This is 45 cm long, and can be worn as a regular piece of jewelry, or as a daily collar, as you decide.
The handcuffs can both be opened by operating the mechanism with the button.
You can wear the jewelry in 3 different ways.
Through one handcuff, you get a chain with hanging handcuff.
The 2 handcuffs clicked together, then you get a normal chain with 2 handcuffs together.
Or as a bracelet, wrap it around your wrist twice, and then pass the chain through 1 handcuff, so that the other handcuff hangs on the bracelet as a pendant.
The handcuffs are only 12 mm in diameter, so that the jewelry remains very elegant.


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