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Rimba power box standard

Rimba power box standard

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This electrical power box runs on batteries. It emits electrical impulses via the electrodes (e.g. the supplied gel pads), which are connected to the power box and transferred to the body. These electrodes can be placed on almost all parts of the body. The push-button control keys can be used to regulate the strength of the electrical impulses, so that these electrical impulses penetrate deep into the skin, nerves and muscles. 7 different programs and each program has 16 adjustable intensity levels.

The RIMBA no. 7880, power box set, contains:

- 1 x 2-channel power box with LCD screen.

- 4 x gel pads (electrodes)

- 2 x power wires

- 3 x 1.5 volt AAA batteries

The principle of electro sex stimulation is to create an uncontrollable muscle contraction by means of an electric shock. The electric shock stimulates a nerve, which causes a contraction of one or more muscles located in the immediate vicinity of the nerve. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the force of the muscle contraction will be. Rimba has designed a large number of accessories that can be connected to every Rimba power box. The accessory electrodes have different shapes and sizes, tailored to the erogenous zones for both men and women.

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