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Powerful scourge with 4 tails

Powerful scourge with 4 tails

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Enjoy a playful torture session during a sm game with this Powerful lash with 4 tails.

You can use this whip to give gentle taps or go a little more extreme and leave light to heavier marks on your submissive partner's skin.

The Powerful Torture Whip with 4 Tails has a leather covered handle that provides an easy grip.

The tails are water resistant.

Make your partner squirm with every swing and beg for the intense sensation of each thud on bare skin.

It is the wish of every servile lover.

Features Powerful torture whip with 4 tails:
Material: silicone, leather
Color: Black with red accents
Length: 55.9 cm, with a tail length of 41.9 cm.

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