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Clitoris and nipple plunger set 3 pieces (black)

Clitoris and nipple plunger set 3 pieces (black)

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This nipple and clitoris set makes your nipples rock hard, making your breasts look more beautiful.

In addition, you not only enjoy stimulation and sensations on your nipples, but you can also enjoy the clitoral sucker with this set.

The set provides a wonderfully sucking feeling.

These vacuum cleaners are very strong and effective thanks to the incredible suction power.

They are easy to use thanks to the dial. Make the nipples rock hard and fantastic!

The clitoris also enjoys the wonderful sucking feeling.

Very strong and effective for incredible suction.

Easy to use with the rotary knob.

Increase sensitivity.

Use all the suckers at once - 2 on the nipples and 1 on the clitoris and enjoy an overwhelming sensation.

Can also be used separately on other body parts.

Enjoy wherever you are!

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