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Calfskin black/silver flogger

Calfskin black/silver flogger

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This flogger is "one of a kind" and of course fits perfectly in our festive collection, if you want it to shine a bit more then this flogger might be something for you!

It is made of beautiful calf leather with a beautiful black / silver design, the lines criss-cross vertically through the falls, it has 40 falls, each 12 mm wide and all falls are 50 cm long.

It is set in a black handle with chrome end cap.

By means of the epdm hanging loop you can hang it neatly between your other percussion so that your falls always remain nice and unwrinkled.

Attention, there are only 2 of this flogger, so these are unique pieces.

Here goes is gone is gone is bad luck, so if you're looking for a unique piece, well, here you have it.

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