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Calfskin purple/black flogger

Calfskin purple/black flogger

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This flogger is "one of a kind" and of course fits perfectly in our festive collection, if you want it to shine a bit more then this flogger might be something for you!

It is made of beautiful calfskin with a beautiful purple accentuated embossing and combined with velvety black suede.

The inside is equipped with 28 falls black suede, the outside of 12 falls with a beautiful purple with special accents.

It has 40 falls, each 12 mm wide and all falls are 50 cm long.

It is set in a black handle with matt gold colored end cap.

By means of the epdm hanging loop you can hang it neatly between your other percussion so that your falls always remain nice and unwrinkled.

Do you want your own designed flogger?

Send us a message, we have various types of leather in stock for you to choose from.

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