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Jute rope 6mm various colors

Jute rope 6mm various colors

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This is one of the very best types of jute rope available, we import it directly from someone who tailors and colors it for us.

The ropes are hand dyed and delivered ready to use.

The color has penetrated deep into the fibers and remains beautiful for years of use.

These ropes can be washed in the washing machine at 30°, but make sure you dry them with tension afterwards.

The ropes are lightly oiled and therefore completely ready for use.

If you choose a color from the range, you will automatically see the correct photo of the chosen rope.

Please note, the colors are slightly darker than shown in the photos!

We currently have the following options in stock:

6 mm rope 8 meters long single color:

-Classic ed

- Magenta red

- Cherry wine red


- Violet purple

- Deep navy blue

- Pistachio green

- Steel Gray

- Gold rush yellow

-Brick orange

- Deep bottle green

-Rusty ed

6 mm rope 8 meters long duo color:

- Black/violet

- Violet/olive

- Black/gold rush yellow

- Rsty red/deep bottle green

6 mm rope 8 meters long Rainbow:

- Rainbow color 7 colors in one rope!

The following can also be ordered to order:

- Rope thickness: 5.2 mm or 6 mm

- Rope length 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m or longer or any length in between

- Other colors: Cherry red, Rusty red, Olive green, Brick orange, Classic natural, goldbrown, Gold yellow, bottle green,

In addition to the single color ropes, you can also order any combination of 2 colors; or even have the rainbow ropes put together in the color combination you want (max 7 colors/7 color transitions)

If you would like to order custom ropes, this is currently only possible via the contact form. Then define the following:

Color of rope, thickness of rope, length of rope, how many ropes

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