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Hooded kinky bear 21 cm

Hooded kinky bear 21 cm

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Treat yourself or someone special with this unique gift!

It serves as a playful gift or, in this context, as a delightful gimp-themed gift.

Despite its compact size, it offers cuddly comfort without taking up too much space.

Whether you add it to your collection for playful moments, gift it to your submissive as part of aftercare, or simply keep it between your pillows, this hooded gimp bear is sure to keep you entertained.

This little bear has light peach fur and is decorated with PU leather panties and a hood. A metal chain strap is attached to the collar.

What better way to express your kinky side than with this innocent but adorable bondage bear?

Made from durable materials including polyester, PU leatherette, plastic and nickel-free metal.

Dimensions: Overall dimensions: 22.9 centimeters length x 16.5 centimeters width x 13.5 centimeters depth

Materials: polyester, PU leather, ABS plastic, metal

Color: Light peach

Note: Make sure it is kept out of the reach of children.

Most important features:
Unique Novelty Gift: This hooded bear serves as a perfect little companion for your entertainment!

Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself!

His petite peach fur body is dressed in PU leather underwear and a hood, complete with a chain strap attached to the collar.
Ideal Cuddly Companion: The perfect cuddly toy to cuddle, making it a wonderful addition to moments of aftercare
Nickel-free metal: All metal parts are nickel-free and safe for your body.

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