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Glow in the dark butt plug (3 sizes)

Glow in the dark butt plug (3 sizes)

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The design has an authentic appearance, but brings light into the darkness through its fluorescent green details, making everything a party.

This glow in the dark butt plug will not disappoint you.

Relax and enjoy the most satisfying anal toy of your life, whether alone or with your buddy.

Use lube and you're good to go!

Ouch! Glow-In-The-Dark products must be activated with sunlight before you can enjoy them in the dark.

So place it in front of the window on the sunny side of the house during the day so that it can light up at night :D

Available in 3 sizes:

S: 2.5 cm diameter and 6 cm insertion

M: 3.2 cm diameter and 7.5 cm insertion

L: 3.9 cm diameter and 8.5 cm insertion

Choose the size you want, or order the entire set at once at a discount price.

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