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Frog tie binding set

Frog tie binding set

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Lock your lover's ankles, wrists and thighs to bring them to their knees and open their bodies to your whims.

Durable and comfortable, suitable for all levels of BDSM players to explore the exciting world of bondage and submission!

Adjustable to find the perfect fit and includes all the locks and keys you need to fully enjoy this Frog Tie set.
Lock your partner in with the durable locking buckles

- this Frog Tie Attachment Kit includes 6 locks and 12 keys to help you restrain your loved one!

Hold their ankles against their thighs to force them to their knees, then tie their hands to make them completely exposed and vulnerable!

Combine with other dungeon toys such as slappers, whips and blindfolds for the ultimate bondage experience.
The durable PU leather material is soft and gentle on the flesh, allowing you or your subject to resist and pull against these restrictions with confidence!

The metal buckles are nickel-free, easy to use and gentle on the skin for even more comfort while playing.
Fully adjustable in each buoy so you can find the perfect fit to suit your playing style.

Make sure it's nice and tight against your partner's body for the satisfying tightness their body craves!

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