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Electro drumsticks ( 2 pieces )

Electro drumsticks ( 2 pieces )

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Electro sex stimulation, unipolar shocking sticks of 23cm each. long.

These sticks have an insulated handle so that only the metal parts can be contacted.

You can use these sticks in different ways, both internally and externally.

Make sure that sticks do not touch each other, as this will cause a short circuit.

Both silver conductive parts must be in contact with the body for the shock therapy to work.

The sticks are each uni-polar and come with a cable with banana jack plugs.

Use our contact gel ( 3000) to create optimal conduction.

An alternative way to use these sticks: Take a metal electro clamp (rimba 7861 or 7895) and replace 1 stick with this clamp. You can place the clamp on a desired part of the body and use the remaining stick to administer the shock.
Please note, you always need a power box, whether or not from Rimba, if not from Rimba you will probably also need an adapter cable.
You cannot use this item without a power box.
Please note, only on order, delivery approximately 10 days after ordering.
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