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Bullwhip 3 foot red/black/white

Bullwhip 3 foot red/black/white

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This beautiful yet reasonably priced bullwhip is a 24 plaid.

As it should be, it consists of a fixed handle with a Turkish knot at the top, and then flows into the flexible piece.

The 24 plaid gives her a beautiful red/black/white pattern that we developed ourselves.

This is already quite flexible upon delivery, but please keep in mind that these are new and therefore still need to be stocked (become more flexible through use).

As you can see in one of the photos, the bottom has a loop so that you can easily change your cracker if it is broken, or simply to play softer or harder (e.g. attach a soft calfskin fall).

It is supplied as standard with a thick nylon cracker of 60 cm (shortening is always easier than making it longer) with 1 button at the end.

If you want to order a set with different crackers, look under code AE020, where you have 5 crackers of 60 cm long for a low price.

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