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Bromine or pain

Bromine or pain

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Broom of pain, our own design of SM toys.
We have had these in our range for a number of years in a very limited way.
He's unique, he's tasty, he's vicious.
How he feels?
Well, try it out yourself, but it consists of more than a hundred twigs nicely tied together.
It is now equipped with a metal handle with our own end knob made of stainless steel and black acrylic.

What is also very nice about it, you punish someone with it, let them collect all the pieces that have fallen on the floor, when he or she has done you go around with the brush yourself, and you find something, then for staff another beating.

You may be wondering, won't that thing be completely bald in no time?
No, not really, take my word for it ;)
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