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Black Venom basic double loop various sizes

Black Venom basic double loop various sizes

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Do you like the pure hard game?
Are you Maso, or are you Sadist?
Then this is really a nice addition to your collection.
50/60 or 70cm of pure pain, venom and pleasure!
Makes beautiful drawings on the buttocks or back!
Know what you are playing with, and be careful at first, this is a very powerful toy with a nasty sting.

Material :
8 mm full EPDM rubber.
2 loops to make it even more fun!
Make your choice from:
- 50 cm long.
- 60 cm long.
- 70 cm long.

Length is the total length including handle.
Loop is about 18 cm shorter than the total length, so 32, 42, or 52 cm long.
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