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Bra with spikes

Bra with spikes

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If you like extreme nipple stimulation, then these Spiked Breast Plates and Nipple Holes are perfect for you.

The sm toy combines a beautiful appearance with a sensitive sensation.

The little spikes on the inside of the breastplates provide a biting reminder of who's boss in bondage play.

The breast plates with spikes and nipple holes are attached to a sturdy leather strap that falls around the bust.
There is a buckle on both the front and back to put this accessory on as desired.
Wet your chest and let yourself be bound by these exciting Breastplates with spikes and nipple holes.

Features Breastplates with spikes and nipple holes:
Material: leather, metal
Colour black
Chest strap size: from 77.7 to 116.8 cm (with adjustable buckles)
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