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3 piece black butt plug set

3 piece black butt plug set

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This 3-piece butt plug set is perfect for anyone who wants to discover anal stimulation.
The butt plugs have different sizes, so you can start small and go a step further at your own pace.
The plugs are made of wonderfully soft, body-safe silicone for comfortable use.
The flat bottom of the plugs ensures safe use. The bottom is also provided with a beautiful stone, which gives the plugs a luxurious look.

Sizes :
Narrow butt plug:
Length: 7 cm
Entry depth: 6.2 cm
max. diameter: 2.7cm
Min. diameter: 0.8cm

Medium butt plug:
Length: 7.9cm
Entry depth: 7 cm
max. diameter: 3.3cm
Min. diameter: 0.9cm

Large butt plug:
Length: 9.3cm
Entry depth: 8.1 cm
max. diameter: 4 cm
Min. diameter: 1.1cm
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